In light of the introduction of free public transport for students in Luxembourg, the transitional period between the end of last semester and the beginning of the next will also be covered.

On 6 January 2017, François Bausch, Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, and Marc Hansen, Minister for Higher Education and Research, announced free public transport for students from the next year, beginning on 1 August 2017.

However, since some students do not yet have proof of enrolment for the academic year 2017/18, the ministers have agreed to cover the transitional period during the current summer holidays by accepting proof of enrolment in the current year or semester which are still valid to enable students to travel free of charge from August until 31 October 2018. Since Studentenabo for students is valid until October of the following year, this transitional measure applies only for this year 2017.

Future students entering their graduate studies for the first time in autumn 2017 and who have attended secondary school during the 2016/17 school year can still travel free of charge with their "myCard" valid until 30 September 2017.

Please note that the application form available at, together with proof of registration with a university or higher education institution, can either be submitted to the Mobilitéitszentral (Luxembourg or Esch-Belval stations), or be sent to the Verkéiersverbond. The processing of the file and the making of a nominal mKaart will take ten days.

The measure proposed by the government was received favourably by the Association of Luxembourg Student Circles (ACEL).