IMS Welcome Lunch. L-R: Erny Huberty (Enovos Luxembourg); Nancy Thomas (IMS); Paula Marques (IMS); Vincent Robinet (Encevo), Michel Schaus (Encevo); Christian Riemann (Encevo); Christian Scharff (IMS); Credit: Encevo Group

Encevo Group has welcomed the Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS) asbl to its premises in Strassen for one year, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

For a period of one year, the non-profit organisation IMS will be hosted by Encevo Group in support of the values and initiatives of the association.

Encevo Group will be hosted in turn by some of the member companies of the IMS network. After a year rich in events and initiatives for IMS in 2016, the CSR steering committee of Encevo Group proposed to the organisation to be the next company to welcome its team.

Representatives of IMS and the CSR Steering Committee of the Encevo Group met on 22 September 2017 at Encevo's premises in Esch-sur-Alzette to discuss their respective commitments and projects related to Corporate Social Responsibility companies.